Like many of the Stations in Putnam in the surrounding areas we (Station 20) have been serving the community for many decades. However, the community that was served then is not the same community of today. One of the largest struggles in reaching a community as large as our is simply getting information out and people back engaged back within their community. One of the tools to do this is a website and a social presence. So as technologies update so will we.

Below are some of the things I believe Station 20 Website should be able to do in 2019
– Consolidate and organize contact information for us and some surrounding agencies.
– Keep records of meetings, trainings, and other events.
– Publicize events and updates directly to social media from the site itself.
– Show an accurate calendar that allows people to make time to show up for community meetings.
– Host useful documents that might need to be signed, posted to a door or fridge, or simply a checklist to help others safety.

The Old Website: (Below)

The New Website: (Below)

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