People often fail to realize how little funding a volunteer fire department gets and how much comes out of the individuals’ pockets. One of those things that often come out of individuals’ pockets are drinks, food, coffee, and other food related supplies like cups, paper plates, etc. Often, these drinks and snacks are not just used by volunteers but by victims effected by tragedy and other first responders that show up on the scene.

Just recently we were working a call that involved a trapped cow in an old septic tank. The call took many hours and had a bunch of different people involved. It was a miserably hot day in the sun. So station 20 delivered water to all parties involved which almost used up a case of water at one time.

Many jobs take longer than expected and dehydration is a volunteer’s worst enemy especially when dealing with fires wearing heavy bunker gear. While it might seem small when donations like the one above come in, they really do make a big deal.

Another item on the list was stuffed animals and blankets. These are typically given directly to those whom Station 20 is serving. The stuffed animals often occupy and calm children who may have just escaped a fire, car crash, or had a bad fall. Blankets are used in the same manner.

On behalf of Station 20, we thank all of those who helped donate to our station whether it is a roll of paper towels or more. It is very appreciated.

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