The West Putnam Volunteer Fire Department is hosting a Back to School Drive to collect school supplies for the children in need in our community. Here is a list of school supplies for Putnam County for grades ranging from Kindergarten to 12th Grade:

BackpacksGlue Sticks
#2 PencilsBottles of White Glue
Pink ErasersWhite Erasers
Pocket FoldersPlastic Pocket Folders with Brads
Packages of Lined College Ruled Notebook PaperPackages of Lined Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
Wide Ruled Spiral Bound NotebooksCollege Ruled Spiral Bound Notebooks
Primary Composition NotebooksLined College Ruled Composition Notebooks
Lined Wide Ruled Composition NotebooksColored Pencils (12 pencils in pack)
Washable Markers (8 markers in pack)Scissors
Blunt Tip ScissorsPencil Cases
Tissue BoxesCrayons (24 crayons in pack)
Hand SanitizersPackages of Plain Copy Paper
Blue PensRed Pens
Ruler1″ Binders
Subject DividersPackages of Washable Felt Markers
Mechanical PencilsPackages of Pencil Leads
Bottle Correction FluidStaplers
StaplesStaple Removers
Pencil SharpenersHighlighters Pens
Geometry SetsScientific Calculators
Pocket DictionariesThesauruses
Packages of Broad Tip MarkersPackages of Map Colors

School starts August 12th, 2019 in Putnam County. We will be hosting a Back to School event at the Fire Station on August 10th, 2019 for children in need in the community to pick up school supplies. Items can be dropped off at the Fire Station or contact us and we can arrange a pick up. Thank you for your support of the community.

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